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No matter where you do business, Sun Valley Tech Solutions provides, smart, secure, and cost-effective solutions to ensure you’re always thriving.

Sun Valley Tech Solutions understands how crucial technology is to every industry. With the right IT, you’re able to better serve your clients and patients, with smart solutions designed for your unique needs. We know that no two operations are exactly alike, even within the same industry, so we work with you to cater our services to your diverse requirements.

IT Managed Services & Strategic IT Consulting

Our team is eager to help propel you forward, with comprehensive security, innovative solutions, and protection for your clients and livelihood. You get technology that’s aligned with your unique goals and objectives, so you’re constantly resolving issues instead of creating new ones.

Get in touch with Sun Valley Tech Solutions to discuss the finest IT solutions and support for your business. Contact us at info@svtsolutions.com or 1 (877) 873_-7887.


  • Nothing is more important than the well being of your patients. Sun Valley Tech Solutions provides IT that removes distractions, streamlines tasks, and makes your life easier – so you’re always providing the highest quality care possible.
  • HIPAA compliance is crucial, not only for the protection of your patients, but also for the smooth and effective functionality of your practice. We ensure you’re always maintaining industry compliance, meaning you never have to worry about data loss or legal issues.


  • Data protection and security is likely always on your mind – when you’re cut off from your resources, you’re unable to serve clients. Downtime means lost wages and diminished productivity, so we provide business continuity solutions to ensure your livelihood is always protected.
  • Cloud services provide greater freedom and mobility, allowing you to access files and documents electronically and from whatever device is most convenient. Your caseload becomes easier than ever to balance and manage.


  • With the right tools and solutions, you see improved efficiency and productivity around your firm. That means increasing your bottom line and getting the best return on your investment.
  • Your sensitive client data is always protected with reliable, comprehensive security – you gain peace of mind to stop worrying and focus all of your attention on the work you do best.

Reach out to Sun Valley Tech Solutions to learn more about our IT services offerings. We’re eager to help push your business forward and maximize your IT investment with the finest solutions and support. Contact us at info@svtsolutions.com or 1 (877) 873_-7887.

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